New Day Northwest Eggnog Recipes


Hey, New Day Northwest thanks for having us on to share the secrets of our house-made eggnog.  Happy Holidays to all of you!



All recipes and methods created by Andy Burton

Eggnog Base 

12 eggs + 12 oz heavy cream + 6 oz simple syrup yields 32oz of “mix”

You can add a couple pinches of nutmeg and a spoonful of cinnamon and drink this “nonalcoholic” eggnog as-is.

Simple Syrup: 2 C. Hot Water + 2 C. sugar.

Note: To make a drinkable nonalcoholic, add milk to desired thickness,  2 pinches of nutmeg & a teaspoon of cinnamon. Pour over ice and garnish with cinnamon and nutmeg.

“The Upstairs Eggnog”

Method: Add 6oz Kraken Spiced Rum to 8oz Mix, shake over ice, and strain into bucket glassware. Add fresh ice. Garnish with cinnamon and nutmeg. Makes 4 servings.

“The Firlock Eggnog”

Note: Firlock is a breakfast beverage made with coldbrew, sugar, and Fernet Branca, which is an Italian bitters with a minty finish. The sugar really brings out the mint in the Fernet which pairs nicely with the creamy eggnog mix. We’ll use coffee liqueur to cover the sweetness and the coldbrew.

Method: Add 3oz Fernet Branca, 2oz New Deal Coffee Liqueur to 6oz mix, shake over ice, and strain into coupe glassware. Garnish with fresh mint sprig. Serves 4

“Winter Ale Nog”

Note: Lower Alcohol Eggnog. Eggnog can be made with lower alcohol ingredients, such as sherry, wine, or strong ale. We’re going to use Sam Smith Winter Ale as the alcohol and flavor base for this one. Nog originally meant a strong ale, or Noggin’ referred to a small cup from which beverages were consumed. Only the upper class would have access to all of the rich ingredients found in eggnog.

Method: Add 8oz mix to tin, shake over ice, and strain into 4 bucket glassware. Add 2oz Sam Smith Winter Ale to each glass, fill with fresh ice. Garnish with cinnamon and nutmeg. Serves 4.

“Party Nog”

Note: Make batch mix as above, then whisk in your choice of alcohol(s) into the same bowl, and add a giant ice brick. To make a giant ice brick, simply fill a large tupperware with water and leave in the freezer for a day or two in advance. Add the ice brick to your punch bowl and it will keep everything cold without too much dilution!

Method: Add 32 oz of eggnog base + 1 750Ml of Kraken Spiced Rum. Pour into large punch bowl. Label into coupe and garnish fresh grated nutmeg.

New Food Menu! Food served Tuesday-Sunday until 11pm



Croquetas de Jamon Serrano, Creamy bechamel with Serrano ham, herbs, spices, deep fried, served with aioli

Pimientos del Piquillo Dip (v), A creamy dip of piquillo peppers, shallot, & paprika, served with crackers

Charcuterie Plate, Iberico chorizo, Iberico ham, house-smoked trout rillettes, accompaniments & crostinis

Cheese Plate, 3 Spanish cheeses – Caña de Oveja, Ibores, & Valdeon, accompaniments & crostinis

Marinated Manchego (v), Cubes of Manchego cheese marinated in olive oil with herbs & spices

Castelvetrano Olives (v), Gorgeous green olives in herbed olive oil

Spanish Cocktail Mix (v), corn nuts, fava beans, chickpeas & almonds

Bacon Wrapped Dates (set of 4) (g/f ), Sweet Medjool dates & goat cheese, wrapped in bacon

Tortilla Española (v, g/f ), A slice of traditional Spanish potato & onion omelet, served with artichoke aioli.

Roasted harvest vegetables (v, gf ), Seasonal root vegetables served with a house-made carrot romesco

Choricitos a la Miel (g/f ), Mini chorizos in a Spanish cider & honey reduction.

Mushrooms (v, df, gf ), Confited Crimini & Chanterelle mushrooms mushrooms in a sherry reduction

(v) – Vegetarian Items (g/f ) – Gluten-free

Cloudburst Brewing – Happy Little Clouds Lager


Hey Seattle Beer Fans! We’er excited to bring you a local, exclusive Lager from our friends at Cloudburst Brewing, located just on the cusp of Pike Place Market.

A little note from the folks at Cloudburst:

“A Bob Ross inspired Dry-Hopped Pilsner
We believe everyday is a good day when you brew. Start out, by believing here. A little touch of pilsner malt here, a little push of German and American hops there, caressed very gently layer after layer after layer. There are no limits here.
5.2% abv, 32 IBUs”

It’s not easy to gain a place on our small tap system and we couldn’t be more honored to host Cloudburst Brewing’s, Happy Little Clouds Lager. It’s not avaiable in their tap room or, really, anywhere else in Belltown.

Beer of the Apocalypse

This is the year that the world is ending. Thank goodness Elysian brewery is celebrating (or lamenting) properly.

If the Mayans predicted things right, Dec 21 of 2012 will be the last day of, well, ever. Every Month until then, Elysian will release a new beer on the 21st of every month. The Upstairs will be featuring each beer, each month.

We recommend sharing a bottle with a friend or stranger. These brews are strong and with serious purpose.

Curently we are pouring, Rapture (floral and hoppy). Next month, Starting on the 21st, Fallout ( a pale ale made with green cardamom).


Here at the Upstairs, we like beer – a lot. We do our best to keep our beer list current, interesting, high octane, and without pretense. We are super excited to have the Beer’s of the Apocalypse in our cooler.


Michael’s Drink of the Moment

The Toronto, featured at The Upstairs

Our Bartender, Michael, loves the Toronto Cocktail.

We all know you can’t get through a Thursday night in Belltown without hearing someone (or some group) order a round of Fernet shots. The herbal degestif is not for the faint of heart. But, combined with Canadian Whiskey or our House Rye and a few good times (to be had at The Upstairs), it’s quite delicious.

Toronto (from Imbibe Magazine)

First created to highlight the more mellow tones of Canadian whiskey, this Fernet Branca-flecked classic (1948) becomes decidedly more assertive when mixed with American rye.

2 oz. rye or Canadian whiskey
1/4 oz. Fernet Branca
1/4 oz. simple syrup (1:1)
Cracked ice
Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
Glass: coupe or cocktail
Garnish: strip of orange peel

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well for 20 seconds and strain into a chilled glass. Twist orange peel over the drink and use as garnish.

Pop into The Upstairs Wednesday, Thrusday, and Saturday. Michael will be here shaking this classic until we close.

Wine at the Upstairs

Here at The Upstairs, we try not to take anything too seriously. We love booze. We think gin is good and whiskey is a necessity. We love beer.

But the one thing we thought we might be good at taking seriously,  is wine. We’ve spent a lot of time developing our Spanish Wine list for Pintxo. We’ve had a hankering for something beyond the borders of our favorite European Country. And now that we have the Upstairs we’re excited to learn more about French and West Coast Wines.

We’re lucky to have good guidance and great teachers. Our favorite among them, Jesse from Vinum Wine Importers and Distributors. He never leads us astray!

My Picks:

2008 Chateu La Fleur Haute Serre Cahors, $8.00

2010 Masion Bleue ‘Au Contraire Chardonnay, $11.00

Pop in soon to taste some of our selections. We do our best to keep our favorite wines around and rotate “must-taste” selections often.



Live Music, Sunday March 4th!

Seattle! Blue Star Creeper (Indie-psychedelic-folk rock) and Colin Higgins (Acoustic Show) are playing at the Upstairs, Sunday March 4th.

The show is FREE.

We will have our nightly happy hour. Andy will be behind the bar working out  speciality cocktails and good times will be had all around.

Follow us on Twitter (@TheUpstairsSEA) for daily cocktail specials and updates on live music!