Kepi live at The Upstairs

Kepi will be playing an intimate acoustic show at The Upstairs, on Feb. 06 at 8 pm.

I don’t know what to say other than, “you’d be a fool to miss this show”.  Oh yeah, it’s FREE!!!!

From his press release:

This will be an art extravaganza, Kepi will be selling T-Shirts, paintings, kisses, puppies, whatever your heart desires!

I BLEED ROCK N ROLL is Kepi’s finest release since, well, dare I say it, ever!?!?  Rolling Stone magazine (Italian edition) gave it 4 stars (See review attached, if you can read italian)!

If you loved Fun In The Dark era Ghoulies, this album will be sure to please!

As KEPI says, “I’m a rock-n-roll love machine and I ain’t got an off switch!”