New Food Menu! Food served Tuesday-Sunday until 11pm



Croquetas de Jamon Serrano, Creamy bechamel with Serrano ham, herbs, spices, deep fried, served with aioli

Pimientos del Piquillo Dip (v), A creamy dip of piquillo peppers, shallot, & paprika, served with crackers

Charcuterie Plate, Iberico chorizo, Iberico ham, house-smoked trout rillettes, accompaniments & crostinis

Cheese Plate, 3 Spanish cheeses – Caña de Oveja, Ibores, & Valdeon, accompaniments & crostinis

Marinated Manchego (v), Cubes of Manchego cheese marinated in olive oil with herbs & spices

Castelvetrano Olives (v), Gorgeous green olives in herbed olive oil

Spanish Cocktail Mix (v), corn nuts, fava beans, chickpeas & almonds

Bacon Wrapped Dates (set of 4) (g/f ), Sweet Medjool dates & goat cheese, wrapped in bacon

Tortilla Española (v, g/f ), A slice of traditional Spanish potato & onion omelet, served with artichoke aioli.

Roasted harvest vegetables (v, gf ), Seasonal root vegetables served with a house-made carrot romesco

Choricitos a la Miel (g/f ), Mini chorizos in a Spanish cider & honey reduction.

Mushrooms (v, df, gf ), Confited Crimini & Chanterelle mushrooms mushrooms in a sherry reduction

(v) – Vegetarian Items (g/f ) – Gluten-free