At The Upstairs, we do not accept reservations for tables. We do, however, host large-party events.

The Upstairs is a small neighborhood bar, not an event space. And, every so often we will host your private or semi-private event. What this means: we’re in the business of serving and selling booze. If you’ve been in before and you like to drink, The Upstairs might be the right space for your event.

With enough notice we can reserve the large living room space (facing 2nd Ave.) or the small living room space (facing the alley) Monday-Thursday for your after-work happy hour or group gathering. Please email: with the date/time/number of people. 48 hour notice required.

Buy-out/Private rates for weekend nights are as follows:

$500.00 non-refundable reservation fee
$3,500.00 minimum spend* on food (catered from our sister restaurant Pintxo) and drink spend. This can be reached on several separate tabs or one large hosted tab.
You can have up to 50 guests and the event can run from any 5 hour period between 5pm and 1:30am (last call). 2/3 of the tab needs to be met at the bar.


How Do I Order Food?

All of our food is catered from our sister restaurant, Pintxo. Amanda is happy to help with creating a special menu for you event. We also have a small A la Carte menu for you and/or your guests to order from during events. You can view the A la Carte Menu and Pintxo Catering Menu HERE.

Can We Play Our Own Music?
If you are buying-out the bar, yes. So long as the bar is yours for the night, you can bring your own iPod or DJ. That being said, you still have to follow the law. There is a city-wide noise ordnance that is strictly enforced here in Belltown. All this means for you and your party is that after 11pm, the noise level has to be “reasonable.”

Can We Throw a Dance Party?
The Upstairs is not the right place for a dance party.

Can I Host My Event When You’re Not Normally Open?
Yes. Like we said, we love parties. Please follow the booking instructions below to inquire about any events you’d like hosted that fall outside of our normal business hours.

Do You Have Any House Equipment?
We have a large screen and projector.

How to Book
If you’ve read the above information and are interested in booking with us, please send an email to
When emailing, please include the following information:
1) Your Name
2) The dates and times you’re interested in booking
3) Whether you are flexible on your ideal date and time
4) The type of booking you’re interested in making (semi-private or private)
5) The number of guests you’re looking to have in attendance
6) The purpose for your event
7) If you’re interested in having us cater your event
8) Any special notes we should know

Please email for details or needs outside of what is listed here. Be sure to be thorough on your inquiry. Give your name, event date and time, number of people, type of booking you’re looking into, as well as your question or concern.

*All minimum spends are pre-tax and gratuity.